Turn 1

Turn 1: Spring 1861

The starting setup in the East. McDowell(3-1-1) sits in D.C. with 5 SP, facing Beauregard(2-1-1) in Manassas with 3. J. Johnston((2-1-2) holds the mouth of the valley with a skeleton force of 1 SP. Butler(3-0-0) commands a small force in Ft. Monroe to present a possible future threat to the rebel’s flank.

Opening situation in the Western theater. Four tiny, spread out Confederate forces with 2 forts VS. equally scattered Union garrisons. Those forts are vital to the Southern defense as losing them would open the rivers to Union naval superiority. This would practically cut the South in half and cause the Confederates all sorts of headaches trying to move forces around in the area.
Note Polk(3-0-0) in Memphis. He has the singular distinction of being the worst general in the Confederate army. No other Southern leader has stats of 3-0-0, but the Union has 3 of them.
Not pictured are Price(2-0-1) in western AR with 1 SP and several more 1 SP Union garrisons.

Strategic Will: Union 100- Confederates 100+

Reinforcement Phase: Not performed on Turn 1.

Deal Strategy Cards:

T1 Union Hand

Union Hand

Confederate hand.

Confederate Hand: Not much to work with here. If Max doesn’t grab Fort St. Phillip Jackson right off the bat, I’ll use Confederate Locomotive Shortage to river move the SP from Little Rock. Two SP’s will definitely come in handy so I’ll try to use Bermuda Blockade Surge for the event.

Conduct Strategy Rounds:

Max plays “Pre-War Treachery” for 3 Ops.
2 SP’s from the Army of the Potomac in D.C. invade Fort St. Phillip Jackson. The Union rolls a 2, killing 1 SP. The South doesn’t bother rolling as every result will automatically kill 1 SP. Ordinarily this tie would result in a Confederate (defender) victory. Because the fort was garrisoned by zero SP’s however, the Union wins with 1 SP surviving. SW: Union gains 3 (103+), Confederate loses 4 (96-)
CSA_FlagLucas plays “Bermuda Blockade Surge” for the event. “Confederate immediately receives 2 SP’s in any open Blockade Runner Port, no more than 1 SP per port, but more than 1 SP per Blockade Zone is permitted. If the port space is not available, the SP is lost.

1 SP to Sabine City, TX and 1 SP to Wilmington, NC. So much for reinforcing Fort St. Phillip Jackson from Little Rock! Now the West Gulf Blockade Zone is especially vulnerable to closing, so I needed to reinforce the one remaining port in the zone. I’ll add another SP in turn 2 and with any luck I can put a fort there to seal the deal.


Max plays “Fortified Lines” for 2 Ops.

PC markers in Paducah and Louisville, KY.



CSA_FlagLucas plays “Missouri Guerrilla Raids” for 2 Ops.

J Johnston (2-1-2) in Winchester, VA activates and moves to join Beauregard in Manassas, VA. Now my eastern forces are a little more secure and Richmond is better screened.









USA_FlagMax plays “Richmond Bread Riots” for 2 Ops.

PC markers in Lebanon and Frankfort, KY.



CSA_FlagLucas plays “Confederate Torpedoes” for the event “Confederate receives 3 torpedo counters. Must be placed in a friendly controlled port and no more than one per space. Torpedoes provide a -1 DRM against Running the Guns and a +1 DRM against Amphibious Assaults.

I place my torps in Sabine City, TX, Ft Gadsen, FL, and Little Rock, AR. With Ft. St Philip Jackson fallen, the West Gulf Blockade zone is in great danger of being closed. Sealing Little Rock and Sabine City will help keep it open. I considered putting a torp in New Orleans, but it’s too vulnerable to being destroyed before I get a fort there to close the Mississippi. I need a fort in Sabine city to keep the zone secure so it may be a while before I can put one in New Orleans. Ft. Gadsen protects Columbus, GA and all the resource spaces in that area.

USA_FlagMax plays “Glory Hallelujah” for the event “Union immediately receives 3 SP’s for raising Negro troops. The SP’s can be placed in any Union controlled space (even one without an LOC) that doesn’t contain a Confederate SP or fort.

The SP’s are placed in Frederick, MD, bringing that force up to 4 SP’s.

CSA_FlagLucas plays “Confederate Locomotive Shortage” for 1 Op.

1 SP from Wilmington, NC is moved to Fort Fisher. Fisher is the only coastal fort in the North Atlantic Blockade zone not in Union hands at game start. Putting an SP here makes this zone safer.


Political Control: Union places PC marker in Ft. St. Phillip Jackson.


Attrition: Union loses 1 SP in Frederick, MD and Washington D.C. Confederate loses 1 SP in Manassas, VA.